End of Year Update!

Hello everyone!

I know, I have been horrible at updating the blog. At this point, I am going to plan on 3 a year. The last blog post I made was in regards to the release of the third book six months ago. This blog post will go over the past six months and what I have been up to.

The first update will be in regards to the next book, Galactic Conflicts: Resurgence. The book is almost done. I am doing some final editing touches and sending it to my editor in the middle of January. I plan on releasing the book in April, which will mark the fastest I have finished a book. Crazy how it took me 2 in a half years for the first book, 2 years for the second and the third in a year and 3 months. If everything goes as planned, I will be releasing this one after only nine months! Getting my process down has been pretty exciting. I would eventually like to release 2-3 books a year.

Once I am done with this book,  I will be on the final book of the series. I am excited about ending the series and hope you are all excited for it. I won’t be done with the universe I created and will return to it someday in the future. I have a few ideas that I love, but when I will write those is up in the air. I will release a sneak peak for the fourth book a month before release.  If everything goes as I want, I hope to release the final book this year.

Now, what I have I been up to otherwise? I started reading the Wheel of Time in September and finished right before Thanksgiving. Wow that was a fantastic series. I wasn’t too keen on the first book, but boy did it get good starting in book 2. I could barely put the series down and I read more with each book. How I was able to get myself to write, edit and read the series at that pace I couldn’t say.

For anyone who loves Fantasy, I would highly recommend the series. In ways I am glad I waited to read the series until now while also wondering why I didn’t read it years ago. Makes me really sad the author (Robert Jordan) died. I know he had plans for after the series and I would have loved to see how he would have handled certain plot lines that couldn’t be resolved in the final book.

I can’t really think of anything else that I have been doing. With how crazy the year went, there isn’t much else to discuss. Didn’t do too much leaving the house this year. Went to a couple of places, but nothing exciting happened.

This is a lot shorter than I anticipated, but I have nothing else to really add. I hope everyone is healthy and was able to enjoy the year to some degree. I won’t lie, this year was pretty good for me and I hope next year is even better.

My next update should be in March. With that, have a great new years everyone. Try not to celebrate too hard tonight!

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