Galactic Conflicts: Consequence release date + a sneak peek!

Hello, hello! I hope all of you are doing well and being safe. It’s been a crazy year so far and I imagine it’ll only get crazier as time goes on.

Yes I know, it’s been 6 months since my last update. I really was planning on updating monthly and realized that just isn’t doable for me. I don’t want to put information nobody cares about and I know how the blogs would go. “yes I made progress and looking good so far!” or “Yeah I slacked this month and didn’t get as much as I had hoped and bla bla bla”. If people really want me to update more frequently or even put some stuff I am doing (like games), feel free to comment below and I will see what I can do.

But now, for the exciting news. The next book, Galactic Conflicts: Consequence will release on July 23rd, 2020. That’s only a month away and you can pre-order by going here:

Now that isn’t the only good news. I have just about finished the outline for book four, which means I will really start pounding out the first draft sometime in the next few weeks. I still have some edits here and there to make before release, but it’s pretty much done.

I will add that this is the fastest I have released a book. To give you perspective, it took me 2 in a half years from start to finish to release the first book, 2 years for the second and 1 year, 3 months for this one. Hopefully I can keep going on that track and get the fourth one out in less than a year, that would be pretty sweet. I will not promise that however as that would be foolish of me, never know what could happen.

Not too much else to add, except for a sneak peek below. I hope you all enjoy book 3 and look forward to updating this blog in… The future at some point. Thanks for reading everyone!


Sneak Peak:

Anorn walked swiftly through the temple entrance, ignoring the greetings from a few students. He’d just arrived back to Orlion and was heading straight for the council chambers. He’d been on the front lines and about to head toward Meradis Prim when he found a transmission that concerned him greatly.

He’d discovered that there was a spy and had been for some time. This spy—whoever it was—was smart, using a disguised voice and a robe to hide any parts of their flesh. He’d analyzed the video a thousand times, and there was nothing that would give this person away.

All Anorn could think about was how catastrophic this could be. He was so deep in thought that he almost forgot to go into the council chambers. He opened the doors to see Lloyd and Thal sitting there.

“That didn’t take long,” Lloyd said.

“We have to move fast. This is too important not to.” Anorn strode over to his seat.

“Yes, you said that but refused to say over the comms. What happened?” Thal asked. Upon Anorn’s request for a meeting, he’d been hesitant to send back not only himself but also two other masters from the front lines. He trusted Anorn and knew he wouldn’t request this meeting without having a good reason.

“I couldn’t risk our transmission being intercepted,” Anorn said, taking out a chip from his pocket and placing it on the table. “I found a mole.”

“On your back?” Lloyd asked.

Anorn shot him a dirty look, not appreciating any jokes right now.

Lloyd raised his hands. “Sorry. Do you know who?”

“Let me rephrase. I found out we have a mole but have no idea who it is,” Anorn said.

“I take it that chip has proof?” Thal asked, eyeing the device.

“Yes.” Anorn grabbed the chip and inserted it into the table, which activated a hologram showing two figures. One was recognizable; it was Yaqul. The other was the robed figure with the distorted voice. “This came directly from one of our conference rooms. Whoever this spy is”—he pointed at the robed figure—“forgot to remove the recording.”

“Does this spy not give his name?” Lloyd examined the robed figure, squinting to see if there was any sort of clue as to this spy’s identity.

“His name is in the video. Azaban, which is a cover, as there are no records of that name,” Anorn said. “I even looked at all the White Sanctum and Empire names.”

Thal tapped the table with his fingers. “Play the video. I want to hear this.”

Anorn nodded and pressed the play button.

“I hope you have some useful information this time,” Yaqul said, his expression filled with disgust.

“I do,” the figure said.

“Does it have to do with why the Alliance is attacking the outer edge?” Yaqul asked before the robed figure could continue.

“No, I haven’t been able to find that out. No one in the Alliance or Empire seems to know about it, either. My guess is only the higher-ups know.”

“You disappoint me, Azaban. This is information we require, and you have failed. Your deal with us will be void if you don’t provide useful intel soon,” Yaqul said, glaring daggers at the informant. “Go on with your news. I hope it’s better than your last call.”

If Azaban was annoyed with Yaqul, he didn’t show it at all. “I know that the next attack will be on Meradis Prim,” he said.

Yaqul’s face twitched with interest. “Interesting. I had assumed this attack wouldn’t go much further. Do you know the next step if the plan to retake Meradis Prim succeeds?”

“I don’t. All I have been able to identify is the next target,” Azaban said.

“You need to put more effort into finding out the reason. Vorka is growing impatient,” Yaqul said.

“I’ll find out and call you, then,” Azaban said, and the transmission ended.

“Not a lot to go on,” Lloyd said, rewinding the footage just enough to see the full figure of Azaban. While the shot was brief, that robe covered every inch of the spy’s body. Not even a tiny bit of flesh was exposed.

“There were a few important bits,” Thal said.

“You noticed?” Anorn said.

“I did,” Thal confirmed. “This Azaban has been spying for the Prazore for at least a year. I would bet longer. This wasn’t a first-time contact. They were far too familiar with one another, and Yaqul said he was not happy about the lack of information.”


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