Book 2 Delay


As you can tell by the title, I have some bad news! Book 2 has been delayed. The final bits of editing are taking longer than I thought (and going back and forth with editor, want to make sure this book is done properly, unlike my first which I will explain below!) The good news is that it’s only a few weeks. Instead of releasing on May 5th, 2019, Galactic Conflicts: Dark Crusade will be released on May 29th, 2019.

I apologize for this (hopefully) final delay. I was really hoping to avoid this one, but I would rather release a well edited book than a trash one. If you already own an e-book copy and re-download it, you should see the new date in there at the end.

Now to explain what happened with my first one. Me being new to this whole self publishing adventure made some mistakes that I believe hurt me. For starters there were random spaces that weren’t there when I last looked, chapters were placed in the middle of random pages, extra hyphens, some words that merged together, etc. Let’s just say it was a horrible release. I got most of it fixed within a day or two, but it was not what I wanted.

My current plan is to have editing done within the next two-three weeks, upload it to Amazon, make sure there are none of those weird issues and then release on May 29th. I will update if anything changes.

That’s it for my update! Thanks for reading and hope to have this book out for you all in a month!

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