New Website!

Hello everyone! It has been a couple of months since you heard from me, well more if you didn’t see my tweet about the blog post in January. To make it a short story, I made a blog update in January, thought it was good to go, published, verified it was available and didn’t look again for another month. When I did I found out that it wasn’t showing. The only way you could get to it was by direct link. I tried fixing it but it refused to work.

So what did I do? I canceled my old host (Ipage), transferred to a new host (InMotion Hosting) and now the problem is gone. Not only is that gone but the website loads faster! Compared to the old site this one is blazing fast which was another reason I switched. To make it even better InMotion is cheaper. So really it’s a win, win and another win for this move.

Now onto other things. I haven’t posted an update regarding Dark Crusade since January and I have some pretty big announcements. I will start with the most important one first.

I officially have a release date! The book will be released on May 5th, 2019. That is two months away! This gives me time to market the book, finish up editing and make sure we are good to go by then. I am very excited to officially have a release date and hope you are too! The book should be up for pre-order in April, I will of course update when it’s up for that.

My second announcement is that the book cover is almost done. I should be able to post an update with the book cover this month. With this came a bit of an update to the first book cover since I got a new artist and wanted the style to stay the same. It’s mainly text and alignment for the first one. That’s up under the books tab – Galactic Conflicts First Contact or the amazon page.

That’s all I have for you for now. Looking forward to the next update!

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